Accuracy and Data Integrity Still Matter

Even though HR applications are rapidly growing in power and sophistication, accuracy and data integrity within organizations are still suffering. That’s because—unfortunately—integrations are typically an afterthought.

The source of the problem includes poorly integrated applications and setups that require manual integrations. Your objective as an HR application vendor should be to secure the support you need to foresee integration problems and provide your customers with a complete and cost-effective solution.

Integrations Are an Afterthought in Blended Application Ecosystems

In today’s HR environment, most of your clients have assembled blended application ecosystems. In their quest to leverage the best technology to handle specific HR functions, it’s likely that they rely on a core HR application with more specialized satellite applications surrounding it.

Because their focus was on the specialized function of each application, the ability of each application to handle highly automated and accurate integrations with the other HR applications was an afterthought. They may have been told that the application had an API that would handle integrations, so they assumed everything would work smoothly.

Integrated HR Applications Are Vulnerable to Errors

The seed of accuracy and data integrity problems is inherent in every blended application ecosystem: it’s the employee master record. If the data in that record isn’t effectively and timely integrated into other applications, or that record isn’t properly updated when data in other applications are updated, then errors will ripple throughout the entire ecosystem.

What Happens When Data Integrity Problems Arise

When accuracy and data integrity problems arise, the HR department has an enormous recovery problem on their hands. They need to figure out the best way to get their data back in sync. Because the HR department will not be able to solve the problem, they’ll reach out to their IT department, the vendor, or the consultant that initially set up the application.

Their headache has just begun. The internal IT department certainly has the expertise to deal with the organization’s core software and hardware applications. However, they probably aren’t equipped to deal with integration problems between multiple HR applications.

The HR department now has to rely on the vendor or consultant that installed each application. Their help will likely be limited because, while they may be an expert in their own application, they won’t be able to handle data integrity issues with applications supplied by other vendors.

Be a Hero to Your Customers

You’re confident that you’ve built a highly effective HR application. However, that’s only one component of your success. To enhance your competitiveness in your market niche and improve the stickiness of your application, you should solve all of your customer’s integration problems before they arrive.

Select a Partner with Integration Expertise

Your partner must have expertise in avoiding accuracy and data-integrity problems by being able to implement integrations that are timely, accurate, and complete. To get the most reliable results, it helps if your partner uses tested and proven software components that are engineered to map and handle common underlying patterns.

Based on years of experience, your partner can reuse those integration components. Instead of starting from scratch with every project, your technology partner only needs to account for the unique distinctions between the needs of each customer.

Using this approach, you can integrate your application without disrupting the reliability of your customer’s HR ecosystem. The process will also be faster and more cost-effective.

Select a Partner with HR Expertise

Because integration isn’t just about technology, you need a partner that has a high level of HR expertise. To ensure accuracy, your partner must understand what a particular piece of data means in the HR world and how to translate it from one application to another.

Data integrity is assured only when integrations consider the subtle nuances of the data and adapt integration behavior accordingly. That’s why your partner must also be able to design a dataflow that anticipates and prevents problems before they arise.

Be a hero your customers can count on. By working with a partner with the right combination of integration and HR expertise, you will maximize customer satisfaction while also integrating your application at a price point that fits their budget.

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