HR Integrations Need HR Expertise

For software vendors, dealing with application integration can be something of a quandary. If they devote a lot of time and money to integration, they’re diverting limited resources they probably should apply to their core product.  So, when you need assistance with integrating your HR applications, you may find that your vendor doesn’t offer this service; they simply may not have the resources to allocate to integration as they’ve put everything into their main service.

Often, vendors will be eager to accommodate customer requests, including solutions for technical issues such as software integration, despite their misgivings. However, vendors may not always be the right choice to write an API and integrate software platforms.

Your Vendor Is Not Always the Best Choice to Integrate Your Software

Providing a software integration solution may be an unplanned expense for a vendor. Unless terms are agreed upon in advance, vendors do not profit when setting up and integrating a customer’s new software application.

Vendors are in the business of matching clients to useful software tools. Their expertise is in selling software, not designing APIs or network-integration protocols.

As a buyer, you need a speedy and thorough integration solution. It’s a fast-paced process that only qualified professionals should handle.

Integrating Software Is a Complicated Process
It is risky for vendors to develop an integration solution for a client if they do not have integration experience. The integration process is more complex than simply assigning an employee to draft a “quick API.” The time and personnel required will likely end up pinching dollars from the vendor’s core product and overall budget.

There’s also a concern that the vendor’s integration solution may be off the mark. It certainly won’t be as comprehensive as a protocol developed by an integration expert. Giving the customer a complicated API, or one with errors, can delay workflow or cause a time-consuming and costly help-desk emergency.

A Professional Integration Expert is the Only Solution

Successful integration is a crucial part of every new software purchase. By agreeing to integrate new software into a customer’s software platform, a vendor is guaranteed an opportunity to build and maintain their relationship, so more enterprising vendors will want to help. However, in order to ensure a smooth, successful integration, it’s always a better idea to leave this highly technical process to professionals.

Avoiding Dissatisfaction
Here are the top issues to consider when looking for a company to provide an integration solution:

  • Experience: you want to integrate new software as quickly as possible. A vendor that does not have enough experience might create an overly complicated API, or an integration protocol that requires further attention and additional fixes.
  • Technical support services: vendors that provide software support (and one-off solutions) can get locked into an ongoing tech-support relationship—whether or not that client ever purchases another software product again.
  • Familiarity with your industry’s requirements: if the integration vendor doesn’t understand your HR requirements, they are not in the best position to provide useful solutions that are proven to be effective.

Working with Integration Professionals in the HR Industry

In order to provide HR clients with reliable integration solutions, the best choice is always to work with tech specialists with a history in your industry.

As a customer, you can get more from your relationship with a vendor if you team up with an integration specialist that has a proven HR background. Professionals with human-resource expertise have a toolset for connecting HR software applications, combined with an understanding of the industry’s key technical components and HR data requirements.

By partnering with an integration specialist who understands the demands of the HR industry, you are in a better position to achieve complete success with your application integration.

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