IHRIM Analytics Webinar Points to Data Integration as the Biggest Issue

We all talk about Analytics and Big Data; we have been for some time now. Today organizations are starting to implement different solutions so data analytics results can guide them to achieve business goals.

During a recent IHRIM webinar on “Trends in Data Visualization in HR,” attendees were polled on “What’s the biggest technical challenges you face in building a dashboard?” The presenters were surprised by the answer. The seasoned data analysts expected that “Telling a story with data” would be the biggest challenge, but that came fourth in the audience’s experience; instead, data integration from multiple sources was the biggest concern.

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The challenge is not only to get all the data integrated with your analytics engine but also to get it integrated with the different applications that require accurate, timely data to make the organization run efficiently.

At CloudMills we understand these issues; all we do as an organization is integrate different systems together. We understand the pitfalls, and we know how to guide clients to get the data they need flowing between any HR-related applications and associated analytics warehouses without getting their IT group involved.

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