Staying Ahead of Your Clients’ HR Integration Concerns

The topic of integration comes up in every sales cycle. Clients want their HR software vendors’ solutions to offer robust integration options, even if they have no immediate need for it. And when asked about their integration capabilities, most vendors respond the same way: “We have an API that you can use to integrate other systems.”

The operative word, of course, is you. Clients—or consultants they hire—often end up having to do the heavy lifting. But there is a compelling alternative.

Quelling Integration Concerns

Like other business software buyers today, too many HR organizations have experienced the burn of purchasing a new application only to discover that integrating it can be a lengthy, complicated, and expensive process.

Vendors should be prepared for these questions and have direct, easy to understand answers for prospective clients during the sales process:

  • What does “integration” really mean?
  • How do you do it? Who does this work?
  • Are you manipulating the data in any way?
  • How frequently is the data synchronized?
  • What type of information do you need at the source application and target application?
  • Is the integration Web- or premise-based?

Having detailed answers to such questions instills confidence and can distinguish one vendor from another in a competitive sales cycle. Vendors that deliver on the promise to implement an easy, hassle-free integration are better positioned to attract—and retain—clients.

But the challenge for vendors is developing an integration strategy that works across the vast sea of available HR applications with which to integrate. And the challenge for clients is finding someone they can trust to accommodate their unique needs.

Prospective clients want to know that their vendor has an integration strategy, not just an API.

Working with an Integration Professional in the HR Industry

The solution for both clients and vendors is the same: partnering with a company that specializes in HR systems integration.

Integration experts with an HR-industry background are uniquely suited to provide implementation solutions to clients in the HR field. They already understand what and how data flows between applications. They know how HR systems should operate and what anomalies to look for. And they can quickly spot errors and platform disruptions.

In addition, an HR-industry implementation specialist is best positioned to stay ahead of customer concerns and provide ongoing support by:

  • Monitoring the software platform whenever it’s running
  • Keeping tabs on data flows
  • Identifying individual errors and different trends
  • Sending immediate notification to clients

It doesn’t take an HR industry expert to follow these protocols, but it does take an insider to spot irregularities and articulate how data is at risk of compromise or corruption—and also to anticipate exactly what can happen when system protocols are overlooked.

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