4 Ways to Give Your Clients What They Really Want

What a client wants when integrating their HR applications couldn’t be plainer: they simply want their platform to work—without complications.

Unsurprisingly, prospects tend have no interest in learning about how exactly the integration process works, as long as it does work as they need it to.

Think about how electricity works in your home. You flip a switch and the light comes on. We rarely think about how the electricity is generated or how it then gets to your home. As far as the homeowner is concerned, it just works. This is what people want from software integration, too. Here are four ways to keep your clients happy during the integration process.

Keep Behind the Scenes Stuff to Yourself

Integrating a client’s software platform is a complex process and we all know that an enormous amount of work goes on behind the scenes.

Ultimately, however, clients don’t want to learn new technology (i.e., integrating software systems); nor do they want to vet and hire an IT professional to install, integrate, test, and run new software. Mainly, your prospects want to feel confident that you’re doing a thorough, reliable implementation job and that you will provide support to contain or curtail complications.

Mainly, your clients want to feel confident that you’re doing a thorough, reliable implementation job and that you will provide support to contain or curtail complications.

Inform Them of Your Progress

As ever, communication is key. If there’s a problem, clients want to know about it as early as possible so that they’re not surprised. They don’t necessarily want to solve the problem themselves, but they do want to be kept informed. Also let them know if there are any future problems or issues coming down the line—and assure them that you know exactly how to fix them. And then, of course, go ahead and do exactly what you’ve promised to do.

Earn Your Clients’ Trust

When implementing new software for clients in the HR industry, it helps to know the industry. Partnering with experts that have an HR background, rather than an IT professional with more general experience in software integration, gives you and your clients a distinct advantage. You will be ahead of the learning curve if you can demonstrate your first-hand knowledge of:

  • HR industry systems and data flow.
  • How to transfer data from HR application A to HR application B.
  • Comprehensive HR system testing.

Work with the Right Partner

The key to providing hassle-free software implementation is to work with integration experts in the HR field who are familiar with pains unique to your industry. When you partner with professionals that understand your clients’ needs and have experience setting up and operating HR platforms:

  • You’ll spend less time bringing them up to speed on your specific requirements.
  • They’ll talk to you in a way that makes sense to your particular business needs.
  • They’ll ensure that you data you need is packaged for you in a way you can actually use.

There are many advantages to using an integration partner who understands the industry you’re in. Most fundamentally is that, with the right partner, it just works.

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